Early Learning Center

ELC Staff

The professional staff at the Early Learning Center are committed to providing an exceptional program not only for children, but for researchers and future early educators. Our teachers and administrative team bring with them a variety of educational backgrounds and early education experiences. They are all upheld to the highest standards of personal education in the field of early childhood education.

Diana Morello-DeSerio Director dmorello@udel.edu
Kelly Freel Associate Director, Infants and Toddlers kfreel@udel.edu
Jessica Peace Associate Director, Preschool and School Age jpeace@udel.edu
Kathy Kampe Associate Director kkampe@udel.edu
Jissell Martinez Business Administrator jissell@udel.edu
Erin Schmitt Infant 1 eschmitt@udel.edu
Karen Hays Infant 1 khays@udel.edu
Toni Thomas Infant 2 tlthomas@udel.edu
Sarah Lester Infant 2 selester@udel.edu
Chevelloni El Infant 3 mscel@udel.edu
Becky Brown Infant 5 bbrown@udel.edu
Ruthann Parsons Infant 5 ruthann@udel.edu
Christy Smith Toddler 1 cdeweese@udel.edu
Christy Faust Toddler 1 ccfaust@udel.edu
Robin Crawford Toddler 2 rlc@udel.edu
Sherry Lewis Toddler 2 selewis@udel.edu
Michelle Alequine Toddler 3 celly@udel.edu
Kristen Miranda Toddler 3 krismira@udel.edu
Colleen Bialecki Toddler 4 cbialeck@udel.edu
Shakti Shreedhar Toddler 4
Lauren Illiano Toddler 5 lilliano@udel.edu
Rachel Turner Toddler 6 rmreeves@udel.edu
Jaime Bangson Toddler 6 jbangson@udel.edu
Gina Steinbrecher Toddler 7 gmstein@udel.edu
Alex Thornton Toddler 7 awinter@udel.edu
Morgan Allen Preschool 1 morganddallen@udel.edu
Lisa Armknecht Preschool 1 lisaa@udel.edu
Alexis Washofsky Preschool 2 aawash@udel.edu
Jordan Keil Preschool 2 jkeil@udel.edu
Susan Yetman Preschool 3 syetman@udel.edu
Susie Szymanski Preschool 3 susiejan@udel.edu
Morgan McDonald Preschool 4 mmcdonal@udel.edu
Charlene Pepe Preschool 4 cpepe@udel.edu
Julie Perry Preschool 5 kailey@udel.edu
Sharon Davis Preschool 5 notnurse@udel.edu
Callye Phillips Preschool 6 csphill@udel.edu
Brittany Dougherty Preschool 6 bdougher@udel.edu
Cyndi Hartsoe Preschool 7 chartsoe@udel.edu
Phyllis Roland Preschool 7 proland@udel.edu
Erin Kirk Preschool 8 erinkirk@udel.edu
Trisha Dean Preschool 8 tdean@udel.edu
Katie Hughes School Age
Kelly Davis Administrative Assistant kjdavis@udel.edu
Mary Reeves Administrative Assistant mjreeves@udel.edu
Allyson McCraw Nutrition Assistant akdavis@udel.edu
Alyssa Eastman Nutrition Assistant aeastman@udel.edu

General Contact Information

Phone(302) 831-6205


Address: 489 Wyoming Road, Newark, DE 19716