Our teachers and administrators come from a variety of educational backgrounds and early childhood education experiences. They are upheld to the highest standards of personal education in the field of early childhood.

Interim Director:  Linda Zankowsky

Financial Director:   Jane Graci

Associate Director, Infants and Toddlers: Kelly Freel

Associate Director, Preschool and School Age:  Jessica Peace

Assistant Director, Child Development, Substitutes, and Schedule Coverage: Polly Lung

ELC staff 125Administrative Assistant:  Kelly Davis

Administrative Assistant: Debbie Rhodunda

Office Support: Judy Cash

ELC staff 034AlyssaNutrition Assistant II: Allyson McCraw (top) & Alyssa Eastman (bottom)

ELC staff 162
Infant 2:  Chevelloni El (top) Crystal Wilson (bottom)

ELC staff 169ELC staff 171Infant 3: Stephanie Fox (top) & Jessica Kula (bottom)

YogiBear 411 - Copy
Infant 4: Lois Mahan (top) & Toni Thomas (not pictured)

YogiBear 364 - Copyparty 155Infant 5: Becky Brown (top) & Ruthann Parsons (bottom)

ELC staff 043ELC staff 038Toddler 1: Robin Crawford (top) & Lauren Illiano (bottom)

ELC staff 023elc-staff-165Toddler 2: Christy Smith (top) & Erin Schmitt (bottom)

ELC staff 020

Toddler 3: Rachel Reeves (top) & Jaime Bangson (bottom)

yogibear-366ELC staff 017oddler 4: Colleen Bialecki (top) & Sherry Lewis (bottom)


ELC staff 177Toddler 5: Michelle Alequine (top) & Tima Bastin (bottom)

ELC staff 003ELC staff 010Toddler 6: Barbara Clayton (top) & Karen Hays (bottom)

ELC staff 025Preschool 1:  Wendy Gordon (top) & Andrea de Oliveira (bottom)

ELC staff 054Preschool 2: Garnett Booker (top) & Jordan Keil (bottom)

ELC staff 047ELC staff 109Preschool 3: Susan Yetman (top) & Susie Szymanski (bottom)

Pre-K 4:  Callye Phillips (top) & Charlene Pepe (bottom)

ELC staff 155
Preschool 5: Julie Perry (top) & Cyndi Hartsoe (bottom)

             Preschool 6: Gina Stienbrecher (top) & Trisha Dean (bottom)

Pre-K 7: Cathy Coppol (top) & Phyllis Roland (bottom)

Pre-K 8: Eileen Blouse (top) & Jelesa Heath (bottom)

School Age 1: Stephanie Sauerbrunn

ELC staff 2015 108School Age 2:  Marleny Conrad

ELC staff 2015 005
School Age 3:  Jerron Enoch (top) & Katie Moore-Hughes (bottom)

Full-time Substitute Teacher Floats: Kristen Moore (top) & Alcira Talley (bottom)

ELC staff 029NDEHS: Sue Kennedy