The University of Delaware Early Learning Center is a collaborative learning environment in which the the center, university and community work together to provide an early learning experience that supports each child, their families as well as future educators.  While each classroom my vary to reflect the ages of children, their interests and teaching style of the educator, the ELC philosophy is interwoven throughout the program.  We believe that we are not just teaching for today, but for the future and this is reflected in three principles.


Respect for Self

We believe that individuals should value their talents and abilities by taking care of their emotional, spiritual, physical and mental healthy.  We demonstrate this belief among the children by supporting their emotional development, teaching them appropriate conflict resolution and creating opportunities for individual reflection.  For the families we serve, we invite participation in family engagement events sharing their cultures with the ELC community.  For our future educators we offer our space as a practicum site in order to share their talents and gifts as well as a safe space to grow their skills for future use.


Respect for Others

Respect for others is accepting that there are differences in beliefs, cultures and values.  This involves keeping an open mind and actively listening to each others perspectives without judgement, bias or assumptions.  We invite children and their families to share in classroom specific and center wide events their family beliefs and traditions in order to build a safe community of acceptance.


Respect for Environment

We have a community approach to respecting our environment.  We seek to create sustainable, safe and secure centers where teachers, children and families work together.  We provide routines, order and calm to our day by taking responsibility for our shared and individual spaces and resources.