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Conducting Your Research at the ELC

Thank you for your interest in wanting to conduct your research at the Early Learning Center. We take great pride in the research conducted at our centers and for that reason each project application is reviewed extensively by the Center’s Research Committee and the University’s Institutional Review Board.

Learn more about the research conducted at the ELC.

  • Researchers, complete an application process before being permitted to study or conduct research in the ELC.  A project application justifying access to the Early Learning Center including the impact on children, families, ELC staff and the field of study must be completed and sent to the ELC Research Coordinator.
  • After initial review and possible revisions, the Research Coordinator forwards the project application to the Research Director and other members of The Research Committee for review and a vote to approve or disapprove the activity.  At any point, the application may be refused, returned for revisions or to provide further clarification about the proposed activities.
  • All researchers and their staff who will be in the building more than seven hours in one week or a total of forty hours or more in a year are required to have a criminal background check which includes a child abuse registry check and adult abuse registry check.  Additionally they must complete a health exam and have documentation to support a negative TB test within the past year.
  • Concurrently, the researcher’s should submit an application for the project to the Institutional Review Board for approval as projects at the ELC cannot be run without it, even with the approval of the ELC’s Research Committee.

Download Project Proposal Form

Completed forms must be returned to Brittany Platzke, ELC Director.




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