Our teachers and administrators come from a variety of educational backgrounds and early childhood education experiences. They are upheld to the highest standards of personal education in the field of early childhood.

Interim Director: Linda Zankowksy

 Financial Director: Jane Graci

KellyAssociate Director, Infants and Toddlers:  Kelly Freel

November 2015 2166Assistant Director:  Rhodah Harrell

Assistant Director, Child Development, Substitutes, and Schedule Coverage: Polly Lung


Charisse Dryden (right)


Looping 2: Alex Wintermantel (left) & Tom Gamel-McCormick (right)


Looping 3: Michele Cornish (left) & Shirelle Hicks (right)


Multi-Age:  Tia Rupp (left) & Taylor Clark (right)


Float:  Charmaine Walker (left) & Kitchen Staff:  Millie Culbreth (right)


Family Support Specialists:  Helen Shallow & Cynthia Slater