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Wait List

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The ELC is dedicated to providing superior care and education to all children enrolled in its programs.

In order to ensure that each child receives proper care and attention, we purposefully keep our child to staff ratios low. This means that the ELC can only admit a small number of children each year. In order to accommodate the large number of applicants the Center maintains a year-round, on-going, wait list for all new applicants.

Priority for Enrollment

  1. Currently enrolled children transitioning to another classroom (e.g. an infant moving up to a toddler room)
  2. Siblings of currently enrolled children
  3. University of Delaware employees
  4. Purchase of Care recipients (up to 30% of the total enrollment)
  5. Children with a diagnosed disability (up to 20% of the total enrollment)
  6. Children living in foster care (up to 10% of the total enrollment)
  7. University of Delaware students and members of the general community who do not meet the requirements of 1-4 will be offered spaces in order of registration date.

Although you are welcome to contact the ELC regarding the status of available spaces, due to the number of variables involved in the enrollment process, it is difficult to predict a definite enrollment date until you are contacted and offered a space.

Please note that due to wait list priorities, it is possible for another family to receive a space before your child if they are in a higher priority category, even if you registered before them. 

**Part-time spaces are not available.

When Your Name Comes Up

When an opening occurs for your child, you will be contacted and offered a space. Should you refuse to accept the space at that time, your name will be returned to the wait list.  If you refuse an offer for a space on two occasions, they will be placed at the end of the wait list.

Once your child has been accepted for enrollment, you will be forwarded necessary forms and paperwork to complete.

Remember to review the requirements for applying to add your child to the wait list.

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