Child playing Peekaboo at ELC Wilmington

New Directions Early Head Start Qualifications

The Early Learning Center Wilmington is populated entirely from the New Directions Early Head Start program.  In order to be eligible for admission into the program, your family must be income eligible and you must verify your child’s age and your residence.  You may call Carolyn Graves, (302) 778-6515 to schedule an intake meeting at any time.  Please be sure to bring the necessary documentation to your meeting.


Income (Items are listed beginning with the most preferred):

  • Individual Income Tax Form 1040
  • W-2
  • Letter documenting receipt of Public Assistance, Child Support, SSI
  • Pay Stubs
  • Bank Documents-Documentation of Direct Deposit
  • Documentation of college/university scholarship grants, training monies

Age (one of the following):

  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Hospital Birth Certificate
  • Medicaid Card
  • Insurance Card
  • Passport
  • Visa

Residence (the following items may be used and must include family name)

  • Bank Statement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Telephone Bill
  • Utility Bill
  • W-2
  • Pay Stub
  • Doctor Bill
  • TANF Letter

Also, please read and fill out the Wilmington Registration Packet , containing an Application Form and your Parents Right to Know notice.